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    Brady Matthews, the consulting detective

    Nimwe Idril

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    Brady Matthews, the consulting detective Empty Brady Matthews, the consulting detective

    Post by Nimwe Idril on Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:32 pm

    Sherlock and John were on their way to a crime scene. It wasn't a case the detective would normally even get out of bed for yet here he was. "Sorry freak, you're not allowed in until the new guy arrives" Sargent Donovan spat. Absolutely marvelous, another idiot to crowd him and destroy evidence. John gave Sherlock a stern look as to warn him now to be nice. A sleek Corvette rolled up to the curb. "Ahh, here he is now. He's an American you know?" Donovan was much too eager about the new detective, just another man to sleep around with I suppose. The door opened and a stillettoed heel appeared. A young woman glued to her mobile walked up to the group. "sorry I'm late, I was given crappy directions." The woman spoke. "I'm sorry ma'am but I think-"John started before a finger shushed him. The pieces were starting to fit together in Sherlocks mind. "Brady Matthews. Detective. You were expecting me"
    ((Brady Matthews: American, 5'6", black wavy/curly hair, pale complexion, ocean blue eyes, wears red lipstick. Please continue as Sherlock or even John. This can go any way you'd like. Thanks very much))

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