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    Post by The Consulting Detective on Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:29 am

    Fiercely, Sherlock kissed him back. Unlike the alley-scene, John now really tasted Sherlock. He tasted the bitter taste of coffee on Sherlock's upper lip and Sherlock's own scent on the lower one. John shyly sucked at the lower one, not daring to make the first step to start a snog, which was weird. They had snogged in the alley, so why not now? Because this was on a whole other level, a more personal level where borders were still in tact.

    He felt Sherlock's heat radiating from beneath his coat, so he slipped the hand that gripped the lapel, under Sherlock's coat. John's hand rested on Sherlock's chest, on the place where his heart was. Then, he brought his hand to the small of Sherlock's back. The warmth there was overwhelming against John's freezing hand. His freezing hand was trapped between Sherlock's warm coat and his hot skin, covered by a thin layer of shirt only. John felt Sherlock's muscles move under his shirt and couldn't hold back a moan.

    ((Where are we going to? Shall we do a classroom-scene next?))

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