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    Post by AnnieLuv on Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:37 am

    OMG Just had an awesome roleplay- which was so good because my roleplays have been sucking lately! XD

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    You and the stranger both like sherlock.

    You: I thought you said you'd leave me alone?
    Stranger: That depends on who you are. -JM
    You: Hmmph, figures you wouldn't remember me. You killed my mother- she dead because of you.
    Stranger: Right... well I do that a lot so... run off please. -JM
    You: I tried to, and you'd told me you'd leave me alone. But yesterday was the sixth time I'd seen your little /pet/, Moran, outside my house.
    You: Why won't you just leave me alone?
    Stranger: Well he must think you're some sort of threat. I have a very protective dog. -JM
    You: I'm just trying to stay away; I'm not a threat to you.
    You: Please let me go
    Stranger: I don't like that you have this number. -JM
    You: I'm a clever girl Jim. I'm resourceful.
    Stranger: What's your name again child? -JM
    You: Alex
    Stranger: Nope no memory of you. Well at least your mother will see you again soon. -JM
    You: Why are you doing this? Why can't you leave me alone? I promise, I won't do anything against you- I just want to get away...
    Stranger: You know too much
    You: What if I help you? I could be useful to you- more useful alive then dead...
    Stranger: I'm listening. -JM
    You: I- I'm good at getting information. No one expects me to be listening, I hear things others don't.
    Stranger: You have gotten quite a bit of impossible info on me... you know that if you ever betray me I will kill whatever family you have left and then you correct? -JM
    You: Yes, I know and I won't, I swear. Just, tell Moran to leave me alone, please.
    Stranger: No he'll keep an eye to make sure you're a good girl. -JM

    And then he disconnected which made me sad but it was coming to an end anyway so, that's okay Very Happy

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