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    Amnesiac Lestrade


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    Amnesiac Lestrade Empty Amnesiac Lestrade

    Post by GJLestrade on Fri Sep 06, 2013 1:23 pm

    God knows where I got this from but this is the result. Have fun. Mycroft is rather sweet in this one.

    Warning for bad language and adult theme, just in case...

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    You both like Johnlock, and mystrade.

    You: Look, sorry to bother you but I found this number on my mobile. Apparently I'm Greg Lestrade, Gregory, I think. Thing is, I need to know who you are and how you know me? GL

    You: Look, this is not a wind up, the doctor tells me I have retrograde amnesia. Who are you, please? GL

    Stranger: I'm no one of importance, I assure you. M

    You: but you do know me? GL

    Stranger: Yes...I do know you. My brother and I both. M

    You: oh thank God. GL

    You: I thought I was going mad. GL

    You: Long story short, head injury. Apparently I was on holiday? They tell me I'm from the UK? GL

    You: Who am I to you, friend? Work? What? GL

    Stranger: You reside in London. You work intimately with my brother, I know you purely by association. M

    You: oh, ok. GL

    You: Then why have I got your phone number? GL

    Stranger: We were...becoming friends. I'd like to believe so, at least. M

    You: We were? Right. Look, I've no passport, nothing, no bank cards, no money. I was mugged. The only reason they didn't get my phone was it was in the hotel safe. Police managed to find my hotel by circulating a photo. GL

    Stranger: I can offer you any information you need. M

    You: Seeing someone from the british consulate tomorrow. Hopefully I can be repatriated soon but I need someone to verify who I am. GL

    Stranger: I can assist you with that, but there are a number of people better qualified to do so. M

    You: Its ok, don't want to put you out. GL

    You: I don't remember anything. You're Mycroft then? According to my contact list. GL

    Stranger: Mycroft Holmes. You'll soon find that you have more to do with my brother than myself. I was merely...we met twice in total. M

    You: I picked you to call first because your name is unusual. I figured it might trigger a memory. Looks like I was wrong.GL

    Stranger: I apologize. I doubt you were very fond of me. Perhaps you will find better luck contacting my brother. M

    You: Can't remember, sorry. At least you owned up to knowing me so I can't have been a total bastard, hm? GL

    Stranger: No. Certainly not. You were absolutely not. M

    You: I just can't remember who your brother is. Could you at least give me his name? GL

    You: Thanks for that at least. GL

    Stranger: Sherlock. He's in your contacts. M

    You: right, nearly called him first actually. GL

    You: Another odd name

    You: unusual name, unusual, sorry

    You: were we friends then? GL

    You: Even a little? GL

    Stranger: We slept together. M

    You: we did? GL

    Stranger: Once. M

    You: honestly? So I'm gay then? I can't remember that either.

    Stranger: You have an ex-wife. M

    You: this is so damn frustrating.GL

    You: ex-wife? Oh great. GL

    Stranger: Apparently you two are not on speaking terms. If you'll forgive my forwardness, it's entirely her fault. M

    You: right, thanks for that. nothing to forgive, be as forward as you like, you're giving me back my Self, you're helping. GL

    Stranger: She cheated on you multiple times and with multiple partners. M

    You: oh. ok. Was I really that bad a husband? I must have been a right shit. GL

    You: Was I hiding the fact I was gay or something? Was that it? GL

    Stranger: I doubt that. You seemed to genuinely fancy her, as far as I could tell. I could have been mistaken. You made several attempts to re-kindle your relationship with her, all of which she thwarted. It was not your fault. M

    You: Thanks. Look, would it be forward of me to ask if you can tell your brother and get him to call me? I really need someone to verify who I am tomorrow. I've no ID on me. GL

    Stranger: If you'd not be opposed to it, I would be happy to do it for you. Sherlock can be...difficult. M

    You: Was it good, when we slept together? Feels like it should have been. You sound like a nice man. And thank you. Is it okay to call you tomorrow then?

    Stranger: For me it was...incredible. I'm not sure how you felt about me. And yes, I will be free any time after ten in the morning. M

    You: I want you to know, you've at least made me smile. I've not smiled since I came round. It took them a while to locate the hotel, and I've not been on missing persons. They didn't even know I was a Brit until I could speak. GL

    Stranger: Scroll through your mobile's media files. If I'm not mistaken, you snapped a photo of me when we went for drinks. You were quite drunk. M

    You: you have no idea, this is amazing. Thank you so much, Mycroft. I don't feel so adrift any more. I've been worried I'd find out I was a murderer or something. GL

    You: Drunk was I? GL

    You: omg, I am now embarrassed. Are you the redhead? GL?

    Stranger: hair's a rather unfortunate shade. M

    You: I like it. GL

    Stranger: I...thank you, Gregory. M

    You: like it even more now. You're a good guy, Mycroft. You'll never know how much I owe you. When I get back, could we go for drinks again? G

    Stranger: I'd love that. M

    You: promise I won't get drunk again. G

    You: Well, I won't be able to the medication I'm on. G

    You: joking. G

    You: thank you, again. I'll be in touch tomorrow. You are going to be there, yes? Sorry but I'm feeling a bit insecure right now. I've nobody else to turn to. G

    Stranger: Of course I will. Goodnight now, Gregory. M

    Me: Til tomorrow then. Goodnight. G

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