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    Sherlock RP's on Omegle!!!


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    Sherlock RP's on Omegle!!! Empty Sherlock RP's on Omegle!!!

    Post by JimFromIT on Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:42 am

    (I'm Sherlock Cool )
    You: Bored. Finished the case from this morning. Nothing interesting has come up. Where are you? -SH

    Stranger: Out, Sherlock. You can't just text me whenever you're bored. I do have a life. -JW

    You: Out? Out where? -SH

    Stranger: Just out. -JW

    You: Are you at the store again? We do really need milk. The fridgerator is almost empty as well.. _SH

    Stranger: I'm not your personal maid. You can get your own milk. -JW

    You: Why should I get it if your already out? By the way, you left your pistol on the coffee table this morning. We owe Mrs. Hudson for the walls. -SH

    Stranger: For god's sake, did you shoot at them again? -JW

    You: Shooting 'at' them would imply that I could possibly miss. If you are asking if I shot them, then yes, I did. -SH

    Stranger: We've discussed this. -JW

    You: We've discusses a lot of things. -SH
    You: And Sarah called. Why did you give her our apartment phone number? -SH

    Stranger: I gave her the flat number because she and I are dating, Sherlock. -JW

    Stranger: Which you and I have also discussed. -JW

    You: I vaguely remember a discussion about you needing time with other people. I didn't listen to most of what you said, so forgive me if it's a bit fuzzy. -SH

    Stranger: Charming. Anyway, yes, Sarah has the number to our flat. -JW

    You: Wonderful. -SH
    You: ...are you coming home soon? -SH

    Stranger: Why? -JW

    You: Mrs.Hudson wants me to clean up the apartment. Naturally I thought you'd do it. -SH

    Stranger: In that case, the answer is definitely 'no'.
    You can clean it yourself. -JW

    You: Mrs. Hudson's granddaughter is having tea. She's just gotten out of what looks like a stressful relationship, and would be easily woed. I'll send pictures shortly. -SH

    Stranger: Granddaughter...? What, you mean Mary? -JW
    Stranger: Sherlock, that's none of your business, and you know it. -JW

    You: John, Mrs. Hudson and 'Mary' are having tea in our living room. They are laughing loudly, and being an annoyance. Unless you come home soon, I will begin playing my violin. -SH

    Stranger: Don't get angry just because I take the time to learn other's names and you don't. -JW

    You: Mary is apparently a fan of your blog. How tasteful... -SH

    Stranger: Why are they in our living room? -JW
    Stranger: Everyone likes my blog. -JW

    You: Mrs. Hudson thought I'd like to meet her. -SH
    You: She was mistaken. -SH

    Stranger: She's probably not that bad. -JW

    You: I looked at your blogs hit counter earlier. It's still stuck on the same number. -S

    Stranger: Which is still more than yours. -JW

    You: My blogs purpose is to educate. Yours is to stretch the truth of our cases and try to add a touch of 'personality' to what I do. I don't tolerate 'lol' on my comments page. -SH

    And then they disconnected Sad

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    Post by JimFromIT on Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:48 am

    You: I know you're not dead. Let's have dinner. -IA

    Stranger: What if I'm not hungry? -SH

    You: Are you ever? -IA

    Stranger: Eating distracts me from thinking -SH

    You: You faked your death. I'm sure you have all the time in the world. Besides, I want to see you. -IA

    Stranger: I'm dead, I have all the time in the world -SH

    You: Then lets go somewhere where no one knows we're alive. -IA

    Stranger: Suggestion? -SH

    You: there's a question. I trust you already know where I've been staying...there's an italian restaurant not too far from there. -IA

    Stranger: Of course I know where you are. -SH

    You: Good. Me. You. 7:00. -IA

    Stranger: Fine -SH

    You: And Sherlock? -IA

    Stranger: Yes? -SH

    You: I've missed you. -IA

    Stranger: Oh... thank you -SH

    Stranger: Likewise -SH

    You: Oh? Rethinking the disadvantage of feelings, are we? -IA

    Stranger: It helps to have allies -SH

    You: It does, yes. Especially when you're dead. Wink -IA

    Stranger: Indeed -SH

    You: You don't need to pretend with me. I know why you really want to see me... -IA

    Stranger: Oh really -SH

    You: You think that I have kept in touch with Moriarty, don't you? -IA

    Stranger: No, you lost your information trove, you're of no value to him which puts you in a rather dangerous position -SH

    You: I'll admit I lost my main card, but there are plenty of others cards in the deck, Sherlock. Including..oddly -IA

    Stranger: And suddenly that dinner looks less inviting -SH

    You: Oh, come now. Don't pretend like you didn't know. Business will stay outside, I promise Wink -IA

    Stranger: You can't blame me for being wary of trusting you -SH

    You: Like you said, I've lost my information trove. I have no allies, and more enemies than I can count..and I'm lonely. -IA

    Stranger: So you turn to me? I should be flattered -SH

    You: Hmm...should be, or want to be? You must admit, I am the only person you can talk to at the moment. Just have dinner with me. -IA

    Stranger: I've already agreed, don't make me change my mind -SH

    You: Good. I'll wear something..special. -IA

    Stranger: Given my experience of your wardrobe, I would advise against your 'battle dress' - might be seen as indecent -SH

    You: This isn't a 'battle dress' occassion. Not yet, anyway. We'll see what happens. -IA

    You: 7:00. Don't be late. -IA

    Stranger: How could I be? -SH

    You: is you, after all.... -IA

    Stranger: I'm never late, I arrive exactly when I mean to -SH

    You: Do you still have that dreadful hat? -IA

    Stranger: No. I never wanted that hat -SH

    You: You can't deny that you looked dashing. A bit cartoony, but dashing. -IA

    Stranger: No it didn't it look ridiculous -SH

    You: Ah, well...what about the coat? -IA

    (And then they disconnected Sad )
    Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes

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    Sherlock RP's on Omegle!!! Empty Re: Sherlock RP's on Omegle!!!

    Post by Sherlock Holmes on Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:49 am

    Nice Sherlock! You should make a Sherlock profile! I hate it when people disconnect, although most of the time it's probably just because their computer freezes, or maybe their parents catch them and they get told off or's nothing personal!

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    Sherlock RP's on Omegle!!! Empty Re: Sherlock RP's on Omegle!!!

    Post by JimFromIT on Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:27 am

    Thanks! I do enjoy being Sherlock ^_^

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    Sherlock RP's on Omegle!!! Empty Re: Sherlock RP's on Omegle!!!

    Post by JimFromIT on Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:29 am

    Stranger: Sebastian lay across the coach in Moriarty’s flat. His hand lay over his newly stitched up wound... Some stupid kid had actually managed to stab him his morning. And now he was half asleep, knocked out from his pain meds. The only thing that floating around in his drugged up mind was how he’d missed three ‘appointments.’ Jim was going to be so fucking pissed...

    You: After what seemed like hours of drifting in and out of sleep for Sebastian, the door to Moriarty's flat opened, and in stepped a very casually dressed (Though slightly bloody) Moriarty. He stopped when he saw Sebastian, and his lips curled into a cruel smile.

    Stranger: Sebastian's eyes opened slowly as heard Moriarty come into the apartment. The sniper rolled his head back to look up at his boss, eyes fogged over with pain and drugs. "Afternoon." Seb whispered as much as he could.

    You: "Sebastian. You're home." He stated coldly, his eyes staring the other man down. He dropped the bag that he was hauling by the door, and closed the flat door with a 'click'. He considered throwing the wounded man out right there, but decided that he needed proper punishment.

    Stranger: Sebastian nodded slowly and watched Moriarty. Who seemed more angry then Sebastian thought he would. He let his eyes slipped closed for a moment and he focused on breathing. "Yeah. I've been here for a while." He murmured.

    You: "I'm not a strict man, Seb." Jim walked closer to the couch, his eyes burning with anger. "I don't like to follow strict rules, and I don't like to inflict rules upon others. D'you know what I don't like most of all?" He was standing at the edge of the couch now, peering down at him.

    Stranger: Sebastian opened his eyes again as he heard Jim come closer to him. He looked up at Moriarty, and then away quickly. Worse then the angry in his eyes was the disappointment. "When I get sloppy?" Asked Sebastian, his voice small.

    You: "Close." His hand shot towards the other mans throat, grasping it tightly. "I don't like when I haveto get my hands dirty in someone else's mess." He roughly pulled the sniper to his feet by his neck, and pulled him close until their faces were inches apart.
    "I hired you for one reason, and one reason only. If that reason ceases to be, you cease to be".

    Stranger: Normally Sebastian could have easily pushed Jim off him, but he was week now. To week to fight back. He struggled to his feet, wince and grunting as everything seemed to hurt. He chocked and tried to pull Moriarty`s hands off his throat. ``I am sorry. I was caught off guard it wont happen again.

    You: Jim wasn't satisfied with Seb's answer, but he supposed it would haveto do for now. He let go of his neck, and let him fall back onto the couch. A wounded sniper was better than a dead sniper. Jim couldn't help but feel a tiny pang of guilt in his chest for hurting him further. "How did you get hurt?" His voice wasn't angry anymore. He looked at Sebastians wound curiously.

    Stranger: Sebastian fell back into the couch and rubbed his neck, breathing in deeply as he was let go. He placed his hand over the wound again, not wanting Jim to see how hurt he really was. The Sniper then looked back up at Jim and sighed. "The guy I was /trying/ to snip had guards. Lots of them. Everywhere. They where more armed then I was awear of." He explained.

    You: Jim frowned. Sebastian was wounded because of him. He hadn't known about the guards. He swatted Seb's hand away to see the wound better. "You idiot. You didn't clean it properly." He paused, and considered taking Seb to his private clinic. He eventually decided against it and that he would re-do the dressing.

    Stranger: Sebastian growled lightly as his hand was pushed away. He looked up at Jim and then back down at the poorly stitched stab. He groaned lightly as Jim spoke. "Don't touch it, please. It hurts like Fuck." Sebastian warned moving to curl up on the couch.

    You: Jim was irritated by how much he cared for the other man. They had grown close, and Jim found himself making exceptions for Sebastian where he would normally have other people killed. It pained him to see Seb in this much pain, though he would never admit to it. He sat down on the couch beside Seb. "You've been hurt before. Stop moving so much so that I can cut the stitches."

    Stranger: Sebastian moved away from Jim and shook his head. "No please, just leave it." he groaned and winced lightly. Sebastian had been shot before, many times. Stabbed even. But this felt worse. When it happened he'd made sure it didn't hurt anything... importent. But it hurt more then normal. Even with the Pain meds.

    You: "I'm not above restraining you." Jim warned. His mind suddenly jumped to an image of Sebastian handcuffed to his bed. He immediately pushed the thought away, and tried to focus on the task at hand. He needed something to help Seb relax. Pills wouldn't do...He held out his free hand.
    "I'm about to cut the stitches. Grab my hand, and squeeze when you feel pain."

    Stranger: Sebastian tried to stay a still as he could, but that wasn't very still. He was doing his best thought, he wanted to do what Jim asked of him. As soon as Jim gave Sebastian his hand, Seb took it and held it tightly. "Alright, just do it quickly. Very quickly." He warned breathing in deeply. "Get it over with.

    You: Jim looked at the other mans pained face, nodded, and proceeded to cut the stitches. He tried to cut them in a way that they would br easily removed. The cries of pain from Sebastian almost made him stop. Sure, Seb had been hurt before. But he had never seen him in this much pain. He had come into the apartment with the intent of punishing him brutally, but now the only thing he was concerned with was cleaning him up.

    You: "

    You: Jim muttered curses and apologies as he cut. "Almost done.."

    Stranger: Sebastian winced and whimpered as Jim cut the stitches. IF it hurt this much to just cut them... Seb was not looking forward to having to re-stitch the wound up. And it would need to be re-stitched. it was to deep not to be. The cut was bleed abit now. And the skin was now gaping open again, and Sebastian groaned, wiggling under Jim's touch. "Knock me out." He whispered. "Now! Knock me out." He said looking up at Seb.

    You: Jim tried to keep Sebastian still, but he knew that he would need something more than a hand squeeze to manage the amount of pain that Seb was in. He ran through the flat, looking for anything that he could use. He found a half-empty container of morphine and a needle in his bedroom, and sprinted back to Sebastian. After taking the necessary pre-cautions with the needle, he injected Seb in the leg. "You might feel a bit dizzy.."

    Stranger: "What did you just give me?" Asked Sebastian looking at Jim, and cocking his head to the side. A warm, fuzzy feeling started to buzz up from his leg. It spread out over his chest and made him chuckle abit. It was very warm and he started to actually feel good. Really good. Infact he felt brilliant. He even forgot why on earth he;d been in so much pain for a moment. Until he looked down and saw the wound. "How'd I get that?" He whispered to himself. Then he looked at Jim. "Jimmy!" He smiled.
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    Post by Sherlock Holmes on Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:05 pm

    Awesome! Seb and Jim are so cute.

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    Post by HighFunctioningSociopath on Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:07 am

    'MorMor' is the sweetest pairing name for the creepiest couple. xD
    I love them so much
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    Post by J Watson@221B on Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:09 pm

    Smile awwwwwww! He so concerned! :')

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    Post by TheDetective on Thu May 31, 2012 4:59 pm

    That's a great way to end too. "Jimmy!!" lol

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    Post by Sherlock-Alexander-Holmes on Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:35 am

    Stranger: Hello there
    You: Hello
    Stranger: How are you, Stranger?
    You: Great stranger!
    You: You?
    Stranger: Surprised that you really answered Smile and yes, pretty fine, thank you
    You: If I was Sherlock you'd get a text that says: Bored-SH ... And don't be surprised
    Stranger: I have to be... Most people disconnect immediately, you know. And I'm not sure now if I'm lucky or not that you aren't Sherlock
    You: I am Sherlock or aren't I? I did jump off the building.
    You: Or did I?
    Stranger: Well, considering I didn't get said text, you probably aren't Holmes...
    Stranger: Anyway, how would you know my phone number?
    You: Well considering the the circumstances I probably did what I did to all the people in lestrades conference.
    You: Bored- SH
    You: Or would I just text: WRONG
    You: Or wouldn't I?
    Stranger: Alright, I get it... we're all idiots. Well, most of us are
    You: I'm noi idiot. If you we're John I'd say you weren't an idiot. You'd be bloody brilliant
    Stranger: That's why I said that most of us... there are exceptions but they are really, really rare, unfortunately
    You: Well really. You are brilliant because you've been messaging Sherlock Holmes. Pleasure o make you aquatintence.
    You: To and your*
    You: Still typin?
    Stranger is typing...

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    Post by Sherlock-Alexander-Holmes on Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:26 am

    You: Bored-
    You: SH
    Stranger: Find some way to amuse yourself. -JW
    You: I am. I'm messaging you-SH
    You: It was you or I shot the wall-SH
    Stranger: Besides myself. -JW
    Stranger: Please leave the wall out of this. -JW
    You: It's hard! I get bored and its fun. -SH
    Stranger: Mrs. Hudson will have a fit about it. -JW
    You: Well... I haven't shot it yet. Maybe you can stop me. -SH
    Stranger: Look, just find something else to do. Read a book or go out for a stroll. -JW
    You: I'm taking a stroll to your office. -SH
    Stranger: Not here, I'm busy. -JW
    You: So? Has that stopped me before? Besides ill just bug Molly. -SH
    Stranger: ... Just don't cause any trouble. -JW
    You: Can I come see you? I miss your annoying face. -SH
    Stranger: No. -JW
    You: Molly tried kissing me....-SH
    You: I don't like her like that. -SH
    Stranger: Then, I don't know, leave if you're uncomfortable? -JW
    You: I don't wanna leave so I kissed her. And then I dissected a little boy. -SH
    Stranger: That's brilliant, Sherlock. Real great. -JW
    You: John. I miss your snide remarks. They help me think. -SH
    Stranger: I doubt I will ever learn to understand you and your odd actions... -JW
    Stranger: I have paperwork, I don't think I would interest you now, anyways. -JW
    You: Good. I understand you. But you don't understand me. Just how I like you. You always interest me. Can I come help? -SH
    Stranger: It's signing and reading and more signing. You probably wouldn't want to help. -JW
    Stranger: But go ahead. -JW
    You: I do wanna help. Ill be up in a second. I'm knocking now.-SH
    Stranger: John sighed and gave a small eye roll as he slipped his phone back into his pocket. He stood from his seat and walked over to the door, opening it with somewhat reluctance. "Come in," he muttered.
    You: "Hi John!" Sherlock whispers and sits. "Sorry if I'm bothering you."
    You: "Molly kinda scared me so I wanted to see you. I was bored and you always entertain me."
    Stranger: ''Too late for that, really," John shrugged lightly and returned to his seat. "How I entertain you, I will never know. You can stay here if you behave. Alright?"
    You: "And what exactly do you consider behaving?" Sherlock raises an eyebrow smirking. "You entertain me by being so... Normal. And even at times adorable." Sherlock Grins a sideways grin. "Not like that if you misunderstood me."
    You: "Or mayb like that. I'm so uncertain."
    Stranger: John frowned at his papers and finally looked back up at Sherlock, scoffing slightly. " 'Adorable'? I think I should be flattered that I am the only person to keep your interest for so long." Of course Sherlock meant only that. Interest and nothing more, John was sure of it.
    You: Sherlock frowns. "And by your facial expression you assume I mean the worst. But really I mean the best. I'm highly misunderstood." Sherlock grins at his reflection in John's coffee. "People always assume the worst, where I'm concerned anyhow. No one understands me quite like you, John." Sherlock mutters trying to explain his feelings.
    Stranger: Indeed, John did understand when Sherlock was speaking in more deeper terms. And here he was now, the detective doing so. John's attention was driven away from his paperwork, despite him still looking down at it. "That's because you let me understand you. You don't open up much to others, besides me."
    You: "Didn't you ever think there was a reason for that? Maybe there's always been a reason I act the way I do around you. But you. You don't look. You don't pay attention. I could kiss you right now and you still wouldn't realise what I meant John." Sherlock shakes his head sadly. "Maybe it's best that way. We've always said our realationship was platonic but really... It's anything but John." Sherlock sighed smiling slightly. " maybe now you'll understand."
    Stranger: John kept silent for several long moments, Sherlock's words replaying in his head slowly and carefully. "Sherlock..." he started quietly. "I just didn't think you wanted that sort of relationship. I mean, you do always boast about it, that you're married to your work." He toyed with his pen unwittingly, biting his bottom lip. "I pay attention. But it's just so difficult to know what you want. You change often, you do unexplainable things sometimes. And our relationship, it's pretty deep, but I didn't know you wanted... more."
    You: "John. My job. Being married to it. There is time for divorces. If you'd have me... I'd consider myself just friends with my job. I change so often so I can try to be what you need me to be. I'm always there for you. Yes I may not share my emotions openly but I've always had certain feelings for you that I've had for no one else John." Sherlock started playing with a fray on John's jeans. Nervously he started again, his voice only loud enough John could hear, "John, trust me on this. I think I love you John. Really." He stares at John still unknowingly toying with the fray. His hand shook slightly as he used his free hand to grab one of John's.
    Stranger: John could feel himself become more anxious and nervous somehow. The situation heightened his senses and he felt himself reacting more quickly to everything. When Sherlock took his hand, he nearly jumped in surprise, his eyes still elsewhere. FInally, he dragged them up to Sherlock's gaze. For once, he was speechless. "I, uh..." he cleared his throat. "Sherlock, you need to be sure," his tone was suddenly stern, serious. "You need to be sure you do love me. It can't just be a 'maybe', you must be positive." He gripped Sherlock's hand tightly, for comfort and reassurance. "I want this too. You should know that. And I want it to work out. But only if you're sure you want it." He arched an eyebrow. "Can you commit to it? Because I love you, too. And I want to be with you."
    You: "John Hamish Watson... I love you. Absolutely. With my whole heart. No doubt whatsoever. I've deduced this. My deductions are rarely wrong. I am commiting my life, love, heart, mind, and sole to you. Only to you, John." Sherlock leans forward and kisses John shyly. Nervously he clears his throat. "Do I make my intentions clear John?"
    Stranger: A wave of relief washed over him. Sherlock was being honest, he truly meant it. As John felt his lips touch Sherlock's he returned it lightly, taking it gently first. Then he sighed heaving, chuckling slightly towards the end of it. "God..." he muttered in disbelief. "Thank you, Sherlock. I just needed to know. I would never leave you, and I needed to know you would never abandon me either. I really, just..." another soft sigh. "Thanks." He leaned in and pressed another light kiss to Sherlock's lips. "I love you. So much."
    You: "John... I love you more than I could ever truly put into words. And since we are being honest here... You remember the day you left the bathroom completely naked because you figured I was in my room and you left your robe in the living room? I secretly watched you leave the bathroom." He chuckles nervously and pulls closer to John. "I'm glad to know you love me. And I'm glad to be here for you till the day I die. I'd only abandon you if your life depended on it John. Now. With that all said. Are we taking our rrealationship to the next level, John?"
    You: He kisses John with more passion and meaning in it.
    Stranger: The frown returned to John's facial expression and he shook his head softly. "You insufferable pervert," he chuckled quietly. He would have protested further, but once more he felt himself kissing Sherlock, this time much deeper than before. He almost didn't want to pull back, the connection too sweet to leave behind. "Even if my life depended on it, I would never want to leave you. I'd follow you, even after death." He hummed to himself quietly in deep thought. "I think this does mean we're taking our relationship to the next level, which would also mean we should probably start going out. And, you know... become more /intimate/."
    You: "If /intimate/ is what you'd like... Fine by me. And I'd love to go on /dates/ with you. John. I'd also like to remind you that I'm still a virgin." Sherlock blushed slightly and thought for a second. He knew what John meant by going out in dates but what did /intimate?/
    You have disconnected.

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    Post by Ideduce on Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:28 pm

    I think I was this person's seb a loooooong time ago I remember an rp like that on Omegle.

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