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    Smutty JohnLock, Wasn't really sure but wanted to save anyway.


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    Smutty JohnLock, Wasn't really sure but wanted to save anyway.  Empty Smutty JohnLock, Wasn't really sure but wanted to save anyway.

    Post by Wholockmom25 on Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:50 am

    You: Sherlock? JW
    Stranger: Yes? -SH
    You: Why am I hearing tapping on the walls? JW
    Stranger: Tapping? -SH
    You: I thought maybe you were testing some theory or something, I just keep hearing a series of three taps every five minutes or so. JW
    Stranger: Don't you bother yourself with it. -SH
    You: Sherlock, what are you up too? JW
    Stranger: Nothing that concerns you. -SH
    You: OH fine, keep me out of the loop like always. JW John shakes his head and tries to drown out the stupid noise so he can get some rest.
    Stranger: You could explain why I heard the bed squeaking and some grunting a while ago. -SH
    You: Like that really needs an explanation even to you, JW
    Stranger: You could at least bite a pillow. -SH
    You: I could bite you...JW
    Stranger: I was just about to say I'm quite flattered. -SH
    You: about to say, why not now? JW
    Stranger: I did say it. -SH
    You: Surprising, since you are so married to your work and all. JW
    Stranger: And you have your girlfriends yet you moan my name when you come. -SH
    You: Stupid manJW
    Stranger: Your sharp wit never ceases to amaze me. -SH
    You: Get your lovely arse up here Lock. JW
    Stranger: "Lock"? -SH
    You: im tired, easier to type. JW
    Stranger: Let's see if I can change that. -SH
    You: Oh you would love that wouldn't you, insufferable man. JW
    Stranger: I bought you a gift. Under your bed. -SH
    You: What kind of gift???? JW
    Stranger: Relax. You'll like it. -SH
    You: John Groans and looks under the bed, not seeing anything, I don't see a thing Lock, JW
    Stranger: Sherlock. A small brown package. -SH
    You: This is intriguing, and you love the nickname. JW
    Stranger: I do not like it. But you'll love my gift, assuming anything can be deduced from your muffled screams. -SH
    You: Join me SHERLOCK, please. JW
    Stranger: Why don't you try that gift I bought? -SH
    You: because I don't want a stupid toy, JW
    Stranger: I know. -SH
    Stranger: Prepare yourself with it. -SH
    You: Evil man, JW John isn't really sure what to do since he has never used a toy before.
    Stranger: Oh hush now. You like it. -SH
    You: and you love it when I whisper your name even the nick name, so quit denying. JW
    Stranger: Show that plug up your ass already. -SH
    You: Razz JW John turns the plug over in his hands, its not large but not small, grabbing the lube he prepares both the plug and himself.
    Stranger: Sherlock smirked and jumped out of his bed. He took his time in getting upstairs and opening John's bedroom door without knocking as if he did it every day and leaned against the doorframe to watch the show. "I could get used to this."
    You: John jumped at the sound of Sherlock's voice, suddenly extremely embarrassed. "Why do you do this to me Sherlock?"
    Stranger: The detective shrugged, still smirking. "Why not? You did ask me to come."
    You: "Before not during, or after, " John Blushes and tosses the toy away.
    Stranger: Sherlock raised an eyebrow at the toy. "You didn't specify when." He stepped closer to the bed and leaned down to brush John's ear with his breath. "Do you want me to go?"
    You: John shivered as Sherlock's breath teased his ear, "No/ No, please don't"
    Stranger: "I thought so." His tongue flickered John's earlobe as his hand pressed against the man's chest only to slowly slide down to his crotch.
    You: John practically melted into a puddle when Sherlock touched him, He let out a gasp when his hand slid down "Please/ don't/ stop."
    Stranger: "Don't worry, John", he murmured against his flatmate's neck, slowly stroking him. "I had absolutely no intention to."
    You: John moaned, the ecstasy of having Sherlock touching him was too much, his body arched off the bed in time with Sherlock's strokes.
    Stranger: Sherlock smiled and shifted downwards to get his head between John's legs. He thrust two fingers inside the man and added the soft touch of his tongue and lips to his strokes.
    You: John barely bit back a scream when Sherlock thrust his fingers home, but couldn't stop the hiss of breath when his mouth descended on him. " Sher/ Lock/ Oh my God."
    Stranger: With a quiet slurp, Sherlock took his friend in his mouth and sucked, his eyes closed in concentration and fingers moving slowly in the velvety heat. He answered to John's moans by quickening his strokes and letting a low hum out of his throat.
    You: John moaned, and he squirmed, feeling Sherlocks growing arousal against his calf. His thoughts weren't coherant in any sense of the word, all he could do was feel, The women never made him feel this way. "Oh/ God/ Please/ sh'Lock."
    Stranger: Sherlock's tongue rubbed against the hard lenght in his mouth, sucking the thick object making his cheeks and jaw ache. He thrust his fingers in deeper and gave a muffled moan against John's member, his own hips starting to rub slowly against John's leg.
    You: "argh, I'm going to come, Sherlock please." John Begs for release, this is getting to be to much, John starts moving his body and trying to reach that elusive peak.
    Stranger: The blue eyes opened for a moment to shoot a mischievous but pleased look at the man before closing again as Sherlock's head started moving faster and his hand tightened around John's cock. He worked John open with his fingers and inserted a third, his thumb pressing against the doctor's scrotum in every thrust.
    You: This time John couldn't hold back the scream that sounded suspiciously like Sherlock's name, He slumped back against the bed and looked down at Sherlock.
    Stranger: Sherlock raised his head with a smug grin on his face, a string of saliva still connecting his lips to the head of John's cock. "Satisfied, John?"
    You: " You/ are/ still/ an /evil/ man." John panted. "come here."
    Stranger: The detective crawled back up and settled right next to John, their bodies pressed together.
    You: John wrapped an arm around Sherlock and Kissed him quickly. "Your turn," John Smiled.
    Stranger: He raised an eyebrow. "Really? You know I prefer doing this to you, not being the one whom it is done to."
    You: " Than what would you like, Sherlock, Its not fair to see you so aroused after what you just did for me." John was starting to regain some of his composure.
    Stranger: Sherlock chuckled and rubbed his groin against John's thigh. "I'm quite satisfied. But thank you for the offer."
    You: John pouted a bit, still thinking that he should do something, there had to be a way to get Sherlock to play.
    Stranger: The detective grinned and nuzzled John's neck, giving John's cock a light tug. "Don't think about it too much. You know what I think about activities like this."
    You: John growled low in his throat and flipped Sherlock under him, not doing anything, not pinning him down or forcing anything just wanting to see what would happen.
    Stranger: Sherlock was surprised but not any less pleased by being suddenly pinned down. On the contrary, he raised his hips to meet John's. "Something on your mind, doctor?"
    You: "Oh you have no idea the things I have thought about doing to you sweet Sherlock." John grinned a little evilly down at his flatmate cum lover.
    Stranger: Another raising of brow, though his heart began to beat faster. "I can't wait, good doctor. I hope your imagination is greater in bed than it is with cases."
    You: John Chuckled, " you enjoy my input on the cases and you have to admit that I am getting better." John leaned down close to Sherlocks ear and whispered, "You know that your life would be much less entertaining without me here, lock"
    Stranger: "I know. Now...are you going to do something or not?"
    You: John, pinned Sherlock's hands down and started pressing light kisses along his neck, occasionally nipping but never biting or leaving a mark, He knew exactly how Sherlock felt about those.

    THis is by far the Smuttiest I have ever done, and I wasn't sure where it was going to go or anything. Wanted to save for future reference but not on my Tumblr

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