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    RP Prompts or Fanfiction?

    Dr. John H. Watson
    Dr. John H. Watson

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    RP Prompts or Fanfiction? Empty RP Prompts or Fanfiction?

    Post by Dr. John H. Watson on Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:17 pm

    So I've been writing a lot recently, it's been coming to me very easily and I've come up with some Sherlock ideas, but I'd like opinions on whether they're better suited for RP or fanfiction and ideas; if RP; of who'd like to play. And some opinions on which choices of the multi choice ones are better.

    Mostly, these ideas are DarkLock and JohnLock centered, so very emotional and angsty and all...

    1. You Machine!
    Sherlock /is/ in fact an automaton disguised as a human being and manages to fall in love with John.

    2-3. Wild Target (basically the same thing but two choices)
    Version 2. John is really a hit man hired to kill Sherlock but ends up falling in love with him.
    Version 3. John becomes a hit man after Reich, is unknowingly hired by Sebastian Moran to track a spy by the name of Siegerson, who is /really/ Sherlock.

    5-6. Jekyll and Hyde
    Version 1, 2 choices. After experimenting on himself to prove that either A. Baskerville holds much darker secrets than it seems to or B. Moriarty could have actually been a good person if it weren't for his evil genetics, Sherlock splits into two personalities.
    Version 2. What happened during Reich was so devestating to John that /he/ splits into two personalities.

    7. Nightmare State
    After Reich, John is cascaded with nightmares which he is trapped in and can't escape/wake up from.

    8. Frankenstein, 3 choices
    Tired of being alone and not truly loved by anyone, Sherlock creates a creature who he names John and A. John falls in love with Sherlock, who denies his existence B. Sherlock falls in love with John but John is incapable of loving him back or C. They both fall in love with each other.

    Thank you for your time, much appreciated, apologies for all the feels in these, and if these are meant for fanfiction only, I shall happily write them and put up the links for those who would be interested!

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    RP Prompts or Fanfiction? Empty Re: RP Prompts or Fanfiction?

    Post by Miss-Molly on Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:55 pm

    I am in love with all of these, especially 1 and 8! >.<

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    RP Prompts or Fanfiction? Empty Re: RP Prompts or Fanfiction?

    Post by Sherlock-Alexander-Holmes on Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:52 am

    I would actually do a role play on either 2-3 with you. Message me maybe?

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    RP Prompts or Fanfiction? Empty Re: RP Prompts or Fanfiction?

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