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    The Least of All Possible Mistakes; fic rec :)


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    The Least of All Possible Mistakes; fic rec :)  Empty The Least of All Possible Mistakes; fic rec :)

    Post by a-study-in-zinc on Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:08 am

    If you never read my posts, make this the one you do:) I’m really excited to share this review with all of you!

    This is one of the best, if not the best Sherlock fanfiction I have read. It centers on Georgiana Lestrade (who goes by George, only letting Mycroft Holmes call her by her full name) and her relationship with Mycroft, but is so much more. There is plot, excitement, comedy, and banter. I’ve read many published books that don’t showcase relationships as well as this fic. Whether it’s George, and Mycroft’s unique and deep love, John and Georgiana’s flirtatious but true friendship, Anthea’s constant companionship for George, or Sherlock and John’s relationship seen from a new point of view, all the relationships are captivating and a pleasure to read about. Too often fanfiction authors miss the mark on female characters. This is definitely not the case with George. She is hard-working, sensible, relatable, and a total bamf. She’s everything we love about Greg Lestrade, and it is a pleasure to step into her shoes. Reading Rageprufrock’s take on the the sherlock characters is a feeling akin to eating expensive chocolate, indulgent and delicious. It’s fascinating seeing a character like Mycroft, the ‘British Government’ succumb to something so human like love, and with someone as “civilian" as a DI at NSY. Anthea must have been my favorite character in this fic, even surpassing George. She is a as put together, and competent assistant as canon but gradually you find out things about her that reveal she is her own person, and an intriguing one at that. Finding out these things as George finds them out is like opening presents one by one on Christmas morning. As DI Lestrade gets to know her (Well, as much as it is possible to get to know one of Mycroft’s closest assistant..) and forms a friendship with her the reader is right there with them.

    As a Sherlock nerd one of the things that sealed the deal with my love for this fic was the meticulous attention to canon Rageprufrock put into the story. It manages to make the reader feel like they are watching an expanded version of the episodes. With the addition of the stories being told from a new point of view, and a little romance being added to the mix it stays exciting and doesn't get boring like many other fics that stay on the original story arc The said romance is also not overly sweet or fluffy, but slow building and genuine. It’s more realistic, then many of harlequin romance style of the majority of romantic fanfiction. It is a monster at twelve chapters and 118,096 words but every single word is worth it. The actual writing is quite visual without being overly so, immersing you in the Sherlock world. There are sweet moments, heartbreaking moments, and parts where you can’t click to the next chapter fast enough. Until the climax, It’s pretty slow paced but personally, I liked the time it gave to follow canon and illustrate Lestrade and Mycroft’s relationship. If you want a to read a fic solely romantic or fluffy, and don’t like long or slow paced fanfics I would say this isn’t one for you. Otherwise, every fanfiction reader in the fandom should give this one a try (especially if you’re a fan of The Green Blade by Verityburns, or The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom).

    Remember that feeling when you first watched the episodes and were truly excited by the adventures and the characters? We all know that feeling can not be reproduced by anything but canon ( s3 please come, I’m begging you), but the feels experienced whilst reading the Least of All Possible Mistakes comes closer than the majority of Sherlock fanfiction I’ve read up to this point. Reading it was a great way to spend some of my summer free time, and I highly recommend it.

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