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    Mer!lock? I'm Sherlock!


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    Mer!lock? I'm Sherlock! Empty Mer!lock? I'm Sherlock!

    Post by Sherlock-Alexander-Holmes on Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:18 am

    Stranger: [Merman!lock] John slowly drifted along the current, letting the water lead him. He’d been wandering the seas ever since his
    pod had been killed by a group of ruthless humans. John had managed to escape somehow, but with a large harpoon wound
    on his shoulder. Today was one of those beautiful sunny days were the water was clear and filled with life. John glanced down at the sea bottom and swam down,
    scanning the sand for any pretty shells or rocks to add to his necklaces, silently hoping he’d find a new, interesting human trinket to look at.
    He gave up after a while and swam up to the surface, looking for something to do.
    Peeking his head above the waters, he spotted some sunny rocks nearby.
    Glancing around and not seeing a ship for miles, he decided he could rest for a while.
    Pulling himself up onto the rocks and laying out on his back, he closed his eyes and relaxed into the warm stone.
    You: ((So out of curiosity who would I portray?))
    You: (So a human Sherlock falling for a John or??))
    Stranger: [It's up to you really. I left it open for people to chose, though I do prefer Sherlock over Moriarty or such.]
    You: [i hate being Moriarty... He's too much of a slut. I go for Sherlock so hold on.]
    Stranger: [Ha, No problem, take your time.]
    You: Sherlock, who was just passing by on his ship which only held him, he noticed a wonderful creature sitting on a rock. It seemed to be... Half human. But deducing a creature as magnificent as such should be a crime. The creature... Merman... That's what it's called. It was the handsomest creature he had ever layed his eyes on. Sherlock scratched his head before removing his shirt and jumps in the water. He swims up to the lounging creature and stares at it. "Hello. My names Sherlock. And you are?"
    You: ((Please don't disconnect! I'm enjoying this!))
    Stranger: [I won't Smile ]
    Stranger: John was awoken by a voice, very close to him. Gasping, his eyes snapped open and locked with the gaze of a human floating next to the rock. Letting out a startled screech, John scrambled backwards, away from the human. His heart pounded wildly as he floated a few arms lengths away, waiting and watching for the nets or hooks to come.
    You: "Don't be startled. I only wish to make aquantince. Your quite a beautiful creature you know." He says laughing slightly. He moves closer pulling his hands out of the water. "I come on my own terms. I come alone also. I steered my ship here. I saw you and decided to explore. And my gaze couldn't steer away from you. So I knew we had to talk." He said grinning.
    Stranger: John backed away slightly from the human. The man was saying something about how John was beautiful and he was alone. John mentally screamed at himself to flee, to run away and be safe, but he couldn't move- out of fear or curiosity, he couldn't tell you.
    You: Sherlock got up on the rock and sat with him. He noticed the signs of fear and interest in the creatures face. The beauty of the creature made Sherlock want to reach out and stroke its hair in curiosity. But he refrained. Sherlock wanted to let the creature know it was safe but he didn't know how. "You don't trust me do you? You are entirely safe. I swear on my life ill protect you. Now. As I asked before. What is your name?" Sherlock smiled.
    You: He suddenly remembers the dagger in his boot. "Here as a sign of my good will take this." He sets the dagger down by the creature.
    Stranger: John tensed when the dagger was pulled out. Did the human have any other hidden weapons? John eyed the dagger warily. He didn't want to go anywhere near one of those. But the human still had the weapon within reach, could still jump down on him. Getting an idea, John reached out quickly and grabbed the human, throwing him off the rock and into the water, putting John between 'Sherlock' and the weapon.
    You: Laughing, Sherlock swam back to John. "Didn't like my gift did you? I don't like weapons. They are wasted. The kill people and things like you. It's not right. You deserve life. Not death." Sherlock smiled. "Trust me. Your safe with me. If you want I'll take off my clothes and you can see I'm without weapon."
    Stranger: John relaxed a little now he had the advantage. "John," he finally spoke up, introducing himself. Now that Sherlock was in the water and John could see the way his clothes moved he could see there were not other hidden weapons.
    You: "Hello, John. Your quite handsome. I rather like getting to know you if you don't mind. I'm harmless. People try to take my life. I don't try to take there's. I will stay in the water though if that's what you want." Sherlock pulled off his boots and threw them up on the ship. He ran a hand through his wet curls.
    Stranger: John giggled a little. Sherlock just didn't seem to shut up. John swam closer and dove under the water, swimming around the human and watching the way his odd flippers kept him afloat. How could he swim with those tiny things. John experimentally grabbed one of the flippers in his hands.
    You: "Hey!" Sherlock laughed playfully and went under. He kept his eyes opened stared at John. He was adorable. His tail was waving madly and his eyes showed a deep question. If he breathed slowly he could stay under for up to ten minutes. So slowly he grabbed John and kissed him.
    Stranger: John felt the human grab onto him and press their lips together. Hissing, John pulled away quickly, swimming an arms-length away from the human. What was Sherlock doing? John narrowed his eyes as he watched Sherlock for any other 'attacks'.
    You: "What? Wh..." He stopped noticing John's actions. He knew those actions . He'd used them so many times before. John thought Sherlock was trying to hurt him. Sherlock could never do such a thing. All his friends went out and hunted or fishes but he couldn't bare to hurt a livening creature. He preferred to read and write. "John now listen. That was not in any way a bad thing that I just did. Humans use it as a sign of... Trust. A promise not to hurt. Or at least... That's what it is to me. I'd never hurt you. Please come back. I'm sorry I frightened you. Really. I am." Sherlock looked sadly at John. He didn't mean to scare the thing.
    You: He remembers John had a shoulder wound. "I can fix your wound if you'd let me."
    Stranger: John slowly relaxed, eyes scanning the human. Sherlock seemed genuinely sad to have frightened him. John glanced at his shoulder and frowned. He could take care of his own wounds. John slowly swam closer. Perhaps Sherlock was different than the other humans. Deciding he wasn't going to leave, he reached out and skimmed his fingers across Sherlock's stomach, a sigh on trust amongst his own people(the belly being the most tender and vulnerable part of their body). "Trust."
    You: "Trust. I'm glad you trust me. I know a bit of you language. But trust is the one I'd know anywhere. To humans that's an intimate touch. But I know your language. I know it well." Sherlock said. He leaned forward and brushed his lips against John's again. "And to me... The kiss I just have you... Not only means trust. But love." Sherlock looked at the wound and saw how deep it was. "I know you guys normally take care of your own wounds... But let me help you. As a sign of my good will towards you and your people."
    You: *the kiss I gave.
    Stranger: John chewed on his lip before sighing. He nodded in consent. Perhaps this human could show him more about humans, a topic he's always been interested in, but wary to research.
    You: "Do you trust me to go on my ship and grab my medical kit?" He said. He stared at John and swam towards the ship. "Or you could board with me if you'd like. And I could show you what my human life is like."
    Stranger: John thought about it before swimming over to pull himself up to sit on a rock to wait. He may be curious, but he was definitely more comfortable in the water. It always bothered him to stay out of the water for too long, his skin and tail got all itchy and sore.
    You: "I'll be back in a moment then." He boarded the ship and ran below deck to grab his medical kit. He also put inside the kit a few gifts for John: a mirror, a compass, and a necklace that Sherlock had made. He smiled to himself. He hoped he had made a friend with John. Sherlock even felt that he may be in love with John. But he wasn't sure. Once of the ship, Sherlock swam to John and got on the rock. He pulled out thread and a needle and slowly stitched him up. When finished he layed out the gifts he had brought. "John. I figured you'd like these so I brought them to you. It's a thank you for trusting me. My race is horrible for harming any of you. And trust me. I'll never do so to you." Sherlock leaned forward kissing John again.
    Stranger: John barely bat an eyelash when Sherlock stitched him up, the pain mild compared to when he recieved the wound. He gently picked up the shiniest of the objects and spun it in his hand before the human spoke again. John's hand instinctively found Sherlock's stomach again when the human kissed him. Sherlock was different than other humans, he was kind. "Thank you," he replied softly.
    You: "Your welcome. Now. Show me. What's the symbol for love?" He asked. His eyes never leaving John. He packed his stuff up leaving out johns gift. He hoped that he was completely trusted by him now. His decision is that he would never be a normal human. Ever.
    Stranger: John smiled a little, blushing lightly when he thought about it. Shifting closer so they sat touching, John gently wound his tail around Sherlock's odd flippers. "Love," he breathed, watching Sherlock through his eyelashes.
    You: "It seems that ones a bit difficult for me to do, John." He laughed and put his arms around John. "Humans say love through actions like this,"
    Stranger: John slowly relaxed into Sherlock's arms. "Sherlock...Sherlock love John?" he asked, hoping Sherlock understood John's choppy English.
    You: "Yes... Sherlock loves John. Does John love Sherlock?" He said smiling brightly.
    Stranger: John thought about it. "John...John love Sherlock," he replied, a giggle slipping past his lips.
    You: "Good. Then Sherlock will always be here for John." Sherlock grinned and kissed John softly. "I love you John."
    Stranger: John;s tail flicked happily. "I love you," he echoed, pulling away to nuzzle his face into Sherlock's neck.
    You: "John. Your so sweet. I can't believe I just met you but I love you. You've made my day so better than before. I want you to come with me. Is there any way that's possible?" Sherlock asked sadly.
    Stranger: John looked over at Sherlock's ship. "I swim, I follow Sherlock," he suggested with a shrug.
    You: "You'd do that?" He asked brightening up a bit.
    Stranger: John nodded and smiled. "Yes, I follow Sherlock."
    You: "John. You have made me the happiest of my race. I don't know what I'd do with out you." He smiled pulling John into him. [you are my favourite stranger today next to the John who was encouraging me to shoot the wall out of boredom. But still my favourite. I've had so much fun!]
    Stranger: John hummed happily, kissing Sherlock again before sitting back. His skin was beginning to itch so he slipped into the water, swimming a few circles around the rocks to rehydrate his skin. [Aw, thanks! Smile ]

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    I think I may have lost a play with you last night! You played as John, I was Mer!Sherlock. If not, I'm sorry for disturbing you.

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    Yes. Actually. It was me.

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