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    New Sherlock Holmes!


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    New Sherlock Holmes! Empty New Sherlock Holmes!

    Post by sociopatx on Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:45 am

    Hi All,

    I am a new RPer to this forum and it's my first time I have used a forum
    as a platform to RP; I have 4+ years RP experience on Tumblr and I have
    RPed as Sherlock Holmes for 2 of those years, I am very up to date with
    the series and I love to plot new ideas out with everyone (:

    My activity is blotchy and I will be on when I can, real life comes first after

    >I will not RP any kind of smut with anyone under the age of 16 (UK) 18 (US)
    >Chemistry is a must if you wish to ship with me but chances are if you ship
     it I probably do to.
    >No hate against any characters, I do not bide well with ship hate the most.

    My ships are Johnlock mainly but I am willing to RP Sherlolly and

    Upon request I can also RP as James Moriarty and Molly Hooper (:

    I hope I can RP with some of you soon (:
    Have a good day everyone!

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