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    The Vampire on The Roof


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    The Vampire on The Roof Empty The Vampire on The Roof

    Post by EmmaDixon on Tue Apr 01, 2014 1:39 am

    Emma lay on the edge of her apartment building, her frozen cold body sat up there looking at the London below, throwing a blade up and down, how was she going to tell the man he loves who she was, (sherlock).
She spent most nights up here, probably because it was the only place she could take down her 'walls' and be who she was. 
Suddenly she was falling down the side of the 10 story building. And to, top it all off, she landed at Sherlock’s feet.
Fuck, she thought, closing her eyes and pretending to be unconscious, knowing that if a human fell from that height they would be dead. Of course she wasn't a human, and she was most certainly not dead.
(This is Emma, she's an OC. I guess I should explain what she looks like, so here ya go:
She's got some seriously wavy long brown hair, eyes change to what ever mood she is in, is about 5”6, is 23 years old, and scarily pale and thin. Oh, and she is a vampire. Because I'm that cool (I'm joking I'm not cool). So, yeah. Em xx.)

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