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    Jim likes Doctor Who


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    Jim likes Doctor Who Empty Jim likes Doctor Who

    Post by FinallyGinger on Thu Jan 10, 2013 12:32 pm

    ((I'll just leave this here...))

    You: Come and play - JM
    Stranger: I've got things to do. -SH
    You: And I've got Johnny boy - JM
    You: Oh? Did you misplace your doctor again? Oh dear.. - JM
    Stranger: Where is he? -SH
    You: Dear, you're going to have to guess. - JM
    You: Tick tock, goes the clock, even for the doctor - JM
    Stranger: Clues! Just one! -SH
    You: Tick tock, Sherlock, tick tock. Happy hunting. - JM
    Stranger: Oh. Clever. -SH
    You: Hmm? Have you figured it out? You do realize its not that simple - JM
    Stranger: Shut up. I need to think. -SH
    You: I'm the unquiet dead, Sherlock - JM
    Stranger: Oh, piss off. Give me five minutes. -SH

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