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    How's the diet? -SH


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    How's the diet? -SH Empty How's the diet? -SH

    Post by TheDetective on Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:35 pm

    You: How's the diet? -SH

    Stranger: Very funny Sherlock.. -MH

    You: I know. -SH

    Stranger: What do you want? -MH

    You: Bored. -SH

    You: Any leads on Moriarty? Lestrades been less than helpful since my 'death.' -SH

    Stranger: No. Nothing I'm afraid. We're keeping tabs on his sniper Moran, who seems to be targeting John.. -MH

    You: How is Lestrade by the way? Helping with the diet at all? -SH

    Stranger: Lestrade is fine. -MH

    You: and WHY wasn't I informed about this? -SH

    Stranger: Because you would most likely go do something stupid -MH

    You: Do you have him under surveillance? -SH

    Stranger: Clearly. His every move is being watched. -MH

    You: Good. -SH

    You: He'll notice eventually you know. -SH

    Stranger: I think he already has. -MH

    You: You'll have to have a contingency plan. -SH

    You: Damn. What'd he do? He hates being watched. -SH

    Stranger: Sherlock. This is not your battle to fight. Stay out of it -MH

    You: He's being targeted by the second in command to my battle Mycroft. He's relevant. -SH

    Stranger: You cannot handle Moran Sherlock. He's not like Moriarty. You can't talk your way around him -MH

    You: No, but I can break his neck. -SH

    You: Progress in Norway. Moving to Germany tomorrow. -SH

    Stranger: This man has the great shot in Europe. He's also hugely strong and a deft hand with knives. You wouldn't live long enough to get near his neck -MH

    You: I'm proficient with poison darts when I need to be. -SH

    You: Crude yes, but effective nonetheless. -SH

    Stranger: Sherlock. Stay out of it. -MH

    You: Holdon to your knickers Mycroft I'm in Norway. -SH

    You: Besides Moriarty's web is unraveling. I'll be home soon enough. -SH

    Stranger: How is his web unravelling? -MH

    You: I'm ripping it apart. -SH

    You: Why else would I be doing all this? -SH

    You: Oh, that's precious Mycroft it really is. -SH

    Stranger: Whats precious? -MH

    You: You don't even know why I left do you? -SH

    You: He's alive Mycroft. -SH

    You: Moriarty's still out there. -SH

    Stranger: I'd gathered that much Sherlock. I'm not a complete imbecile. But I think it would be more in your line to come home and talk to John. -MH

    You: Too close to stop. -SH

    You: I can taste it. -SH

    You: ...How is he? -SH

    Stranger: Devastated. Tried to kill himself last week -MH

    You: My, god Mycroft. -SH

    Stranger: Lestrade found him just as he was about to pull the trigger -MH

    You: How could you let that HAPPEN? -SH

    You: He's under SURVEILLANCE for god's sake. -SH

    Stranger: How could I let this happen?! Sherlock.. This is your fault. The man is broken because of you -MH

    You: Why would he care enough about me to take his own life? -SH

    You: What could that possibly accomplish? -SH

    You: And you started this mess Mycroft. You made me break him. -SH

    Stranger: Think about it Sherlock. He loves you -MH

    Stranger: And this is not my fault. Do not try to pin this on me. I've done everything I could for you and this is how you thank me?? By accusing me? -MH

    You: You CREATED Richard Brook. You forced me into hiding. -SH

    You: What do you mean he loves me? That's preposterous. -SH

    Stranger: He is in love with you. I'm surprised you hadn't noticed. -MH

    Stranger: Moriarty was going to get you in whatever way he could. I gave you the best option Sherlock -MH

    You: That doesn't make any sense. Why wouldn't he say anything? -SH

    You: No, you gave him me, Mycroft. My whole life. For a keycode. -SH

    You: It's not even real. It's was music for god's sake. -SH

    Stranger: I did what had to be done. -MH

    You: Oh, and I suppose you were 'just following orders' while we're quoting cliches. -SH

    You: Why would John love me? I don't understand. -SH

    Stranger: He didn't say anything because its you. Sex frightens you and you don't understand feelings. He thinks you're asexual -MH

    You: ...why does a lack of sex exclude the possibility of love? -SH

    You: That's stupid. -SH

    You: ...Is he going to be alright? I miss him. -SH

    Stranger: So you do love him.. -MH

    You: Yes, and I suppose I love Mrs. Huson as well then? -SH

    You: Was he committed? Please Mycroft I need to know he's going to be okay. -SH

    You: This is pointless without John...-SH

    Stranger: He's fine. Lestrade and I spent all yesterday evening with him. He's fine Sherlock -MH

    You: Are you sure? What if he tries again? -SH

    You: Statistically he's significantly more likely to try again now that he has once. -SH

    You: You have to watch him for me. -SH

    You: Is he still with Mary? -SH

    Stranger: Sherlock! I've got it covered. -MH

    Stranger: Yes.. He is -MH

    You: Good...she'll take care of him...-SH

    Stranger: He's not happy with her though -MH

    You: How can you tell? He seemed fine with her. -SH

    You: More than any of the others anyway. -SH

    You: I don't know why he goes after them. They never have anything in common with him. -SH

    You: They can barely hold onto a conversation when they aren't fucking like rabbits. -SH

    Stranger: Jealous are you Sherlock? -MH

    You: Sometimes even Bluebell. I had no idea they made glow in the dark condoms...-SH

    You: I'm not jealous, are you jealous of Lestrade's wife? -SH

    You: Why would I be jealous? There's nothing to be jealous of. -SH

    Stranger: Don't bring Lestrade into this.. -MH

    Stranger: And you are clearly very jealous -MH

    You: Why not? It's seems to be a very relevant comparison. -SH

    You: Heartbreaking really. -SH

    You: What's there son's name again? -SH

    You: Ah, yes Rupert. Such a lovely name. -SH

    You: He does so look like his father. -SH

    Stranger: Shut up Sherlock. Shut up! -MH

    You: Oh dear brother I seem to have hit a nerve. -SH

    Stranger: No.. You haven't hit a nerve. Don't be so arrogant -MH

    You: Oh yes, how many children do they have now? Four? -SH

    You: No, no that when I left so it must be five by now. -SH

    You: Did they get everything sorted afterall? -SH

    Stranger: Yes. Yes.. They're fine now. -MH

    You: Oh, how lovely. -SH

    Stranger: Shut up Sherlock. Its not funny -MH

    You: Who said I was laughing? -SH

    You: And a little on the side's not too bad, hm? -SH

    Stranger: I don't know what you're talking about.. -MH

    You: Of course not. Plausible deniabilty I suppose. -SH

    Stranger: Whatever you think is going on.. You're wrong -MH

    You: Of course not. -SH

    You: *A week later.*

    You: Germany and France are done. -SH

    Stranger: And? -MH

    You: Any progress with the Russians? -SH

    You: I could use their expertise. -SH

    Stranger: Yes. Contact Anton Dubrovsky. And tell him I sent you. He'll help with whatever you need -MH

    You: Thank you. -SH

    You: ...and about Lestrade. -SH

    Stranger: ..What about him? -MH

    You: I may have been...harsh. -SH

    Stranger: What? -MH

    You: About what I said before. -SH

    Stranger: Yes. Well. It doesn't matter. He has a wonderful family. I'm happy for him.. -MH

    You: He deserves better. -SH

    You: ...So do you. -SH

    Stranger: It's irrelevant what I want. -MH

    You: Right, well. He seemed to take a liking to you. -SH

    You: Did you ever see him again? In person I mean. -SH

    Stranger: Every now and again. -MH

    You: Good. -SH

    You: He's always said you were 'the reasonable one.' Whatever that means. -SH

    Stranger: It means I'm the one less likely to mess up his crime scenes.. -MH

    You: And the one less likely to solve them. -SH

    You: You clean up. -SH

    You: You put them there sometimes. He ignores that you know. -SH

    You: He knows enough to put it together, but he ignores it. -SH

    You: Not that it would matter at any rate. -SH

    Stranger: What do you mean? -MH

    You: Let's just say when he gets an order from higher up to overlook something. -SH

    You: He knows where it's coming from. That's the only reason he does it. -SH

    You: He trusts you. -SH

    Stranger: As he should. I am a very trustworthy person! -MH

    You: Come now, Mycroft, we both know it's more than that. -SH

    Stranger: Its not. Theres nothing more -MH

    You: He only trusts people he respects. -SH

    Stranger: He respects you.. But he doesn't trust you -MH

    You: I'm not trying to insinuate anything. As I said before I may have been preemptive. -SH

    You: Good. He shouldn't. I don't trust anyone. -SH

    You: How'd mum handle it? -SH

    Stranger: Handle what? -MH

    You: Did you tell her the truth? -SH

    You: Or did she find out through the papers? -SH

    Stranger: About your death? -MH

    You: No about the toothfairy. -SH

    Stranger: Oh she was devastated because her darling genius Sherlock was dead. I haven't told her the truth yet. You know our mother.. She doesn't keep secrets -MH

    You: She always was a gossip. -SH

    You: How the hell are we going to tell her I'm alive? -SH

    Stranger: Oh we'll figure out something. I'm sure she'll be too happy to be actually mad about it -MH

    You: True. -SH

    You: Is John any better? -SH

    Stranger: No. -MH

    Stranger: You need to come back soon Sherlock. For him -MH

    You: I know. -SH

    You: * 6 months later *

    You: Finished on my end. -SH

    You: He's dead. -SH

    Stranger: About time. John can't survive for much longer Sherlock. -MH

    Stranger: He's dead? -MH

    You: Before you ask no. -SH

    You: I didn't have to. -SH

    You: Aneurysm of all things. -SH

    Stranger: Fine. Just come home now -MH

    You: And yes, I checked and had it burned. -SH

    You: Did you get Seb? -SH

    Stranger: Yes. We have him in a holding cell -MH

    You: This seems like a good opportunity to 'look the other way.' -SH

    You: He's too dangerous alive. He's not playing anymore. -SH

    Stranger: I'm not finished with him Sherlock. He's my property now. You don't need to worry about it. Just go home to John. -MH

    You: They loved each other. Literally went to the edge of the world for each other. -SH

    You: I am. -SH

    You: I don't think I can make it any faster than a few days. Maybe a week. -SH

    You: Weather. -SH

    Stranger: He'll be fine until then. -MH

    You: Good. -SH

    You: And Mycroft? -SH

    Stranger: Yes Sherlock? -MH

    You: Thank you. -SH

    You: For John. For keeping him safe. -SH

    You: For everything. -SH

    Stranger: Its fine Sherlock. I did my best for you both. -MH

    You: Did you ever talk to Greg? -SH

    Stranger: No.. I didn't -MH

    You: You should you know. -SH

    You: He'd like that. -SH

    Stranger: I highly doubt that Sherlock -MH

    You: Well then you don't know him as-well as you think you do. -SH

    You: *a few days later *

    You: I'm at the Airport. -SH

    Stranger: I'm outside. The black car -MH

    You: "Miss me?" Sherlock asked pulling off his fake beard.

    Stranger: Mycroft rolled his eyes and leaned back in his seat. "Just get in the car.."

    You: "What is it today? It was Anthea the last time we met." He asked Mycroft's assisstant.

    Edited for OOC and spelling. This is my favorite RP yet!! I love the Holmes brothers interacting. AND she agreed to continue as John! I'm going to try and make her join the site because we need more people. and I thought she made a good mycroft.
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    How's the diet? -SH Empty Re: How's the diet? -SH

    Post by The Creature on Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:46 am

    Glow in the dark condoms.. LOLOL
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    How's the diet? -SH Empty Re: How's the diet? -SH

    Post by J Watson@221B on Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:25 am

    Yeah, that is terrible! In a good way. Terribly Terrific. Hahahahaha.

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    How's the diet? -SH Empty Re: How's the diet? -SH

    Post by TheDetective on Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:28 am

    xD I just like bluebell, man.
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    How's the diet? -SH Empty Re: How's the diet? -SH

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    I love bluebell !

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    How's the diet? -SH Empty Re: How's the diet? -SH

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