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    No, no it's fine. -SH


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    No, no it's fine. -SH Empty No, no it's fine. -SH

    Post by TheDetective on Thu May 31, 2012 5:04 pm

    You: Bored. -SH

    Stranger: You're always bored. -JW

    You: True. Fix it. -SH

    You: And where are you? -SH

    Stranger: Work. You know, for rent and somesuch? -JW

    You: But it's Thursday. You never work Thursdays. -SH

    Stranger: Sherlock, it's Wednesday. -JW

    You: You're covering for Sarah again arn't you? -SH

    Stranger: Did you get ahead of yourself or have you missed a whole 6 days? -JW

    You: Oh, is it? -SH

    You: Most likely the latter. -SH

    Stranger: You realize this alarms me? -JW

    You: How so? -SH

    You: Why would it alarm /you?/ -SH

    Stranger: Because it means you've been off the map for nearly a week, and that's not good. -JW

    You: Hm. I suppose not. -SH

    You: The days blur together John. -SH

    You: I'm dreadfully bored. -SH

    You: There're no more distractions. -SH

    Stranger: You've had cases! You just finish them quicker than the criminals can keep up with. -JW

    You: I haven't had an interesting case in almost a month. -SH

    You: The one with the cats and the gardener doesn't count. -SH

    You: Mycroft put Lestrade up to that I'm sure of it. -SH

    You: Funny what passes as 'pillow talk' these days. -SH

    Stranger: Leave them alone; they're both happier than they've been in years. -JW

    You: Yes. Exactly. -SH

    Stranger: This bothers you? -JW

    You: Of course it does John. -SH

    You: I'm... -SH

    You: Well, I think I'm jealous of them. -SH

    You: To be perfectly honest.-SH

    Stranger: You? Jealous? That your brother's shagging Lestrade? -JW

    You: No. God no. You must be dumber than I thought. -SH

    You: I'm jealous of what they have. -SH

    Stranger: What, a relationship? -JW

    Stranger: Sherlock, are you okay? -JW

    Stranger: Do I need to come home? -JW

    You: Mycroft seems so...content around Lestrade. -SH

    Stranger: Well, yes, that's where that happiness bit comes in. -JW

    Stranger: You alright, mate? -JW

    You: No, it's... -SH

    You: It's alright. -SH

    Stranger: Are you sure? I can come home if you' trouble, or anything. -JW

    You: Well, I wouldn't mind the company to be honest. -SH

    You: Mrs. Hudson's gone to her sisters. -SH

    Stranger: Are you dragging me home because you can't occupy yourself for eight hours a day, or because you actually need someone there? -JW

    You: No, no I'm fine. -SH

    Stranger: You sure? -JW

    You: Just bored that's all. -SH

    Stranger: Right. -JW

    You: John, he is most assuredly not fine. -M

    Stranger: Mycroft? How many sodding times do I need to change my number? -JW

    You: Don't bother. -M

    You: And get back to Baker St. -M

    You: Now. -M

    Aaaaaaaand they disconnected. D: It was just getting to the good part.
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    No, no it's fine. -SH Empty Re: No, no it's fine. -SH

    Post by J Watson@221B on Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:35 pm

    Aww. That was so cool! I was looking forward to Sherlock being like " John, I'm jealos of them and I want you to fix it" and John be like *anime face* "ok!"

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