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    The poison

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    The poison  Empty The poison

    Post by Sherlock Holmess on Fri May 11, 2012 6:04 am

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Question to discuss:
    Tumblr is being disobedient

    Stranger: yes, yes it is.
    You: sorry my fault. -JM
    Stranger: How are you alive? -JW
    You: oh dear. -JM
    You: Because in fairy tales, john, their are happy endings. -JM
    Stranger: What are you planning? Why are you messing with a stupid social media website? -JW
    You: I just needed some information. -JM
    Stranger: If there were happy endings, you wouldn't be here. Sherlock would. -JW
    You: oh no doubt sherlock still is. -JM
    Stranger: How? after you made him jump off that roof somehow... -JW
    You: straight accusing me. I didn't forced him, he had a choice. -JM
    Stranger: If he'd had a choice he never would have killed himself. I knew him. And I know you. -JW
    You: i gave him the best options, You or him. -JM
    You: I think you can work out yourself which one he took. -JM
    Stranger: Wait, what? -JW
    You: heartbreaking, isn't it. Genius man throws himself of a building in order to save the one he loves. -JM
    Stranger: Sherlock jumped off the roof so you wouldn't kill me? -JW
    You: me? i wouldn't killed any one. I can't risk getting my suit dirty. but i gave orders. -SH
    Stranger: Why would he do that? Why would he think I'd prefer that. I wish he had let you kill me. I have nothing left. The world needed him more than me... -JW
    You: obviously. -JM
    You: I'm sorry, but we're missing one tiny little point here.
    You: somehow or dear sherlock managed to survive his famous fall. and i'm on the go to find out how and where he's hiding right now.
    You: oh oops, he didn't told you yet?
    Stranger: That's not possible. I saw him. He was dead. I saw them take away his corpse. And if he did somehow survive, he would have contacted me.
    Stranger: I know he would have.
    You: not if that would mean the end of your protection
    You: and mrs hudson's.. and lestrade.
    You: he clearly see's something in the 3 of you. and i'd like to know what.
    Stranger: But if you think he's alive... why are you talking to me now, what are you up to?
    You: i don't owe you an explanation, johnny boy.
    You: but i do owe you something
    Stranger: You don't owe me anything. But you'll tell me what's going on. Because, I don't know what's going on, and you clearly do. You couldn't resist the chance to show off. And if Sherlock is alive, you're going to kill me anyway, so you have nothing to lose.
    You: i haven't
    You: but you might have
    You: i gave sherlock a choice. now i give you one.
    You: what would you do?
    Stranger: Between my life and his? Just kill me.
    You: ah, but i don't give you any guarantees i'm not going to kill him as well
    You: see, thing is, you did the exact same thing as he did.
    Stranger: What do you mean? You could kill me right now, and be sure that I was dead.
    You: yes yes. but i rather like it with a little touch of drama
    Stranger: Sherlock could still beat you. He could still keep on with his life, he'll always have his work. They need him. But me, I'm nothing. Since he's been gone, I've been worthless. You'd be doing us both a favor.
    You: i don't think killing you would favour sherlock at all
    You: he's been trying to keep you alive all this time
    You: now tell me where ITS ALL FOR
    Stranger: I don't know. He cares about his friends I guess.
    You: friends? sherlock?
    Stranger: well, his friend.
    You: oh yes yes, i know. him and you have this thing going on, it's adorable.
    You: adoorable...
    You: wouldn't it be adorable if i let the 2 of you play a game?
    Stranger: What do you mean? We're flatmates. I know that no one out there still cares, but for the record, I'm still not gay...
    You: you 2 love to play games, don't you?
    Stranger: What sort of game... You still don't even know where he is.
    You: i'm the eyes in the sky john
    You: i find everyone.
    Stranger: and of course... you've got me. how could I have been so stupid?
    You: i ask myself the same question
    You: it would only take me one move to get him here within 5minutes
    You: 5.. that would be slow..
    Stranger: He wouldn't do it. He's not that thick. He would never just walk into your trap like this.
    You: you think?
    Stranger: He better not. He should know better. I can take care of myself, I'm not worth it.
    You: it's really hear wrenching to see what i did to you.. i almost feel sorry for you
    You: heart*
    Stranger: Don't bother. Now what have you got planned? There must be something you want from me, something I can do so you can keep Sherlock out of this.
    You: but i don't want to keep sherlock out of this.
    You: oh before i forget.. did you enjoyed that last cup of tea you had?
    Stranger: Why? What did you do to it....?
    Stranger: What have you done to me?
    You: why so anxious? i was just asking
    Stranger: I don't care what happens. I won't let Sherlock do this. I'm starting to think you're bluffing.
    You: but then when will he find out?
    You: when it's too late?
    You: it's really slow john
    You: takes you down one by one
    You: painful, after a while
    Stranger: I... You can't do this. It won't work. He's smarter than that
    You: i can do WHATEVER I WANT
    You: Sherlllloooooockkkk, come out come out wherever you are.
    You: you like to play hide and seek john, because that's what we're doing
    You: only this one holds a prize
    Stranger: Sherlock! If you can hear me, don't listen to him. Don't. please.
    You: let me make it more interesting.
    You: IF he gets here in time, before the poison kills you (i don't know how long you've got.. minutes, hours?)
    You: i might.. give myself to him. Might... i gave myself to him before, he just never chosen to kill me. odd.
    You: if he doesn't get here.... He'll lose you and i will find him eventually
    Stranger: Don't do it Sherlock! I... ah oww. I'll be fine. Don't worry about me
    You: now what would clever clever sherlock do
    You: your doctor's dying sherlock, come onnnn just wanna have some fun
    You: maybe he isn't here... hm; *takes phone and starts to text*
    You: smile, johnny boy.
    Stranger: No...
    Stranger: Don't... I....
    You: yes?
    Stranger: please. sherlock. don't.
    You: you should hear yourself, oh, my heart, john. please please.. stop it
    Stranger: I'll stop soon enough. He won't come.
    You: funny isn't it
    You: you cared so much, you missed him every day
    You: you cried, thought about killing yourself
    You: and yet, he doesn't seem to care about you at all
    Stranger: Maybe you were wrong. Maybe he really is dead.
    You: oh no no he isn't
    You: *smiles*
    Stranger: Well then he's not stupid enough to fall for your plan. Do you really expect me to believe that you'll just let us go if he comes. I may not be him, but I'm not that thick
    Stranger: mm OOWW
    You: aw, does it HURT
    Stranger: nothing I can't take. I was a soldier, remember
    You: you were a doctor
    You: you should know what's going to happen
    You: first.. your heartbeat slows down
    You: coughing up blood.. starting to feel dizzy while your everything is beginning to ache
    Stranger: Just face it..... he.. he's not coming....
    You: isn't he?
    Stranger: you've lost
    You: Then why is he standing right there. *points out*
    Stranger: Sherlock No!
    Stranger: John. I'm sorry. But did you really think i would let you die? -SH
    Stranger: Don't you realize he's just going to kill us both now?
    You: girls; please don't turn this into one of these chickflicks -JM
    Stranger: All right, I'm here. I presume you have the antidote. -SH
    You: well well Sherlock Holmes has entered the building. Took you long enough. NEarly ran out of time. -JM
    You: well of course i have.-JM
    Stranger: Please Sherlock. Just run. You don't have to do this. -JW
    You: shut up, john, you'll need every bit of energy -SH
    You: the more you talk and move the faster i'll get to you -SH
    You: Adooorable. -JM
    Stranger: *JW starts to cough*
    You: doesn't seem well, sherlock. -JM
    Stranger: What do you want, Moriarty? -SH
    You: Oh sherlock, don't disappoint me i've waited long enough for this
    You: make a deduction. please, for me.
    Stranger: A deduction? What do you want me to deduce... -SH
    You: what my plan is, what i want for the antidote, anything?
    You: i just think it's sexy when you do it
    Stranger: Stop your games Moriarty.... I...aenachm... Sherlock don't do this -JW
    You: sush sush sush, doctor. -JM
    You: uhhh well fine, sherlock. fine
    You: have it your way than
    Stranger: Stop it John. I'm not going anywhere. You need to relax. -SH
    You: i told john the rules, if you got here in time, i'd let you win and give myself to you
    You: But, i don't think he fully got what i meant
    You: you can kill me, anytime, now, later, whenever
    You: but than..... oh please sherlock, tell me you know?
    Stranger: If I killed you now, John would die too. -SH
    You: oh clever, CLE-VER, well done
    Stranger: do itt sherrlock.... you have... to do it... -JW
    You: if i die now you don't know where the antidote is.
    You: i told you sherlock, i'd BURN you
    Stranger: And how do I get the antidote? You just want me to make a deduction? -SH
    You: maybe, try me.
    You: but hurry... *looks at JW*
    Stranger: *JW is on the floor, slumped against a wall, struggling to breath* No. I've had enough of your games. John has minutes left. I want a concrete deal that you will give me the antidote. -SH
    You: fine, fine FINE don't play, no games
    You: *steps a little closer*
    Stranger: no... *coughgasp* Sherlock...
    You: fine, sherlock
    You: here's the deal
    You: I'll tell you where to find the antidote, IF you have dinner with me. alone.
    You: tonight.
    You: but.. i need to make sure you show up, so, if you don't, john dies anyway, in another way of course.
    Stranger: No.-JW *JW struggles to get up, fails, falls to the floor* don't let him-JW
    You: i have people watching out there, oh john, please, give us a moment here. -JM
    Stranger: *looks at John, who is clearly on the edge of consciousness* I'll do it. -SH
    You: marvelous.
    You: i'd say, dinner at 7. you know the deal sherlock, alone, and be there or..*looks at john*
    Stranger: Give me the antidote first. -SH
    You: the antidote can be found in the sound that helps you think.
    Stranger: I've heard enough of your riddles. *Sherlock walks over to his violin. A tiny vial falls from the f-hole*
    You: oh you're so clever
    Stranger: *Sherlock goes to John, who struggles and tries to resist the antidote, but he is weak.*
    You: i'd love to stay sherlock, i'd love to. but i need to get ready for our date tonight.. (i can be sherlock now, if you want to...)
    Stranger: (ok)
    Stranger: Sherlock. You shouldn't have done that.
    You: don't be silly john, of course i had to do this.
    You: are you alright?
    Stranger: He'll kill you. He'll do something. You know he will. And then he'll kill me anyway. or it won't matter.
    Stranger: I'm fine. You're alive.
    You: he won't kill me, he just needs some information about things he can't figure out himself, obviously
    Stranger: I don't think so. He's got something planned. Now that he knows you're not dead he needs to find some new way to destroy you.
    You: mycroft told me he broke into a few really big internet sites and managed to get some information that's rather private. although there's on thing he couldn't get his hands on and he's dying to get so, i'm not sure what, mycroft was a bit hazy about it, but i'm sure he'll tell me tonight and he'll sort of, ask me how to get it.
    Stranger: You can't help him. Whatever he's planning. It's going to be bad. Don't go Sherlock
    You: john, i saved your life twice, i risked mine, i didn't do that in vain
    Stranger: but you're alive now (which would have been nice to know earlier, by the way.) keep it that way
    You: whatever it is i'll think of many ways to trick him into one of mycroft csi internet things, if it works, well, we might be save for a while
    You: i'm sorry, john, i'm sorry i put you through all this
    Stranger: Do you have any idea how alone I was? What I went through? And now I learn that Moriarty's been spying on me?
    You: do you think this was easy for me? seeing you like this?
    You: hiding for everything and everyone just to make sure the people i
    You: no, of course, you wouldn't understand.
    Stranger: Of course, how could I possibly hope to understand anything that goes on in the great brain of Sherlock Holmes?
    You: *stares at you*
    You: i am sorry
    You: i am sorry you went through this
    You: i am sorry i made you feel this way
    You: there, i said it
    Stranger: ... thank you.
    Stranger: And whatever you do, don't let him beat you tonight. I'd rather have Moriarty kill me 3 times over than lose you again.
    You: losing me? john, who gave you that idea?
    You: *smiles*
    Stranger: I don't trust Jim in the slightest. You can't walk in there unprepared.
    You: i'm not unprepared
    You: i've been expecting this for days
    You: it was only a matter of time
    Stranger: It's getting late. Where are you meeting him? What do you think he's going to do? If all he wanted was information he could have just gotten that from you here.
    You: don't worry. i know he'll have people out there watching you, so once i show up at his place he'll let them know i'm there so they can leave you alone and probably sends them out to take me down once i gave him the information he needs
    You: that's.. where you come on.
    Stranger: What do you need me to do? I don't think I'm up for anything with too much action, I still feel lightheaded...
    You: i just need you to distract them
    You: worst case scenario, shoot them. but i assume distracting them works
    Stranger: and what if they shoot me?
    You: they won't.
    You: i'll tell moriarty you know something very valuable in this case, something he might be needing later
    You: and that, if he shoots you.. his whole game if cancelled
    You: i'll them him you're bringing it somewhere, they'll follow you there but he won't
    Stranger: I hope he believes you. But I'll do anything you want, just tell me where you want me to be.
    You: i'll text you the details
    Stranger: Ok
    You: and john...
    Stranger: don't say anything. just go. I'll see you later.
    You: it's good to see you
    Stranger: you too Sherlock

    You have disconnected.
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    Post by John Hamish Watson on Fri May 11, 2012 6:22 am

    Oh my God ! That...was...amazing. Very Happy
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    Sherlock Holmess

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    One of the Best role plays I've ever had on omegle! ^^

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    Best one I have read in ages - well done :-D
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    Sherlock Holmess

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    Thank you!

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