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Be any character you like. It doesn't matter how many Sherlocks, Johns or Jims we have as we can all have slightly different usernames and RP using different topics. Just remember to name your RP topics so we can distinguish between them. Have fun!

    Hey Everyone!


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    Hey Everyone!  Empty Hey Everyone!

    Post by Sherrylock on Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:10 am

    Hey guys!
    I'm Ali from Australia, 19, and I found you guys after getting back into S4! Smile I was always wanting to get into RP but never really properly looked into it. In the past when I have role-played with friends, I played the role of Sherlock and intend to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. I've been told personality wise I'm quite a lot like him other than the fact that I'm not as blunt and rude at times and a tad more outgoing, but nonetheless I do take that as quite the compliment.

    I'm a sucker for the bromance between John and Sherlock and a lot of my favourite fics revolve around BAMF John and just angst, h/c, etc. Looking forward to meeting you all, and definitely looking forward to hitting up a bit of RP! I prefer practicing the craft on my phone seeing as it's more portable, I can more readily respond and the free texting apps available are more than adequate for communicating back and forth.

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