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Be any character you like. It doesn't matter how many Sherlocks, Johns or Jims we have as we can all have slightly different usernames and RP using different topics. Just remember to name your RP topics so we can distinguish between them. Have fun!

    Hi I'm New!!


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    Hi I'm New!! Empty Hi I'm New!!

    Post by SuperWhoLockCHB on Fri Dec 18, 2015 5:30 am

    Hi, I'm obviously new here. My name is Maria and I haven't really done a RP, except for stuff on Facebook. I can pretty much role play anyone, but sometimes it'll take a bit for me to get into character. I'll be okay with mainly fem! roles, like Molly, Irene, or an OC. Thanks! Very Happy

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    Hi I'm New!! Empty Re: Hi I'm New!!

    Post by The-EverLasting-Night on Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:25 pm

    Hello, Maria. My name is Ever, I roleplay descriptively, my love interest is Sherlock Holmes and my character is a female and works for Moriarty, Her name is Francesca Letitia Gradis. Her mother is sick and her father is struggling with debts and such, her sister who is in college is struggling with tuition fee that's why Francesca is working for Moriarty. She is set to seduce Sherlock for Moriarty. If she fails to do so, her family will die.

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